Located on a rocky outcrop at the foot of Monts de la Madeleine and at his feet the plain of Roanne, St Haon Le Chatel plunges walkers in 10 centuries of history of France and of our region. From its dominant position, the village ruled the region since 900 AD to the early 18th century. In cruising the streets of the city, you will discover many houses in well-preserved timber-framed retracing life in the middle ages, the renaissance mansions that attest to the wealth of the place, as well as mansions adorned with cut stones granite or stone Charlieu nearby.
Like the inhabitants of all time, you will tour the ramparts that attest to the defensive role of the place.At the top of the mound of Couzan, you will discover the Romanesque village church with its murals of the Middle Ages and the old cemetery, a place of our nights the stars.
if you are lovers of old stones, we will advise the visit of other villages nearby characters. St John St Maurice, Ambierle Crozet and also have beautiful things to show you.

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