In the family for at least four generations, the guesthouse Relais Saint Jacques has a facelift in 2014. In 1840 the house we kept the stone walls the roof and floors. All the rest has disappeared to be reborn as a house containing all the criteria of modern comfort ... in the guise of a family house on the former. It was an important issue to succeed this discreet wedding valuing, where the family cabinet, the antique furniture here in Emmaus or again the development of objects forgotten in boxes for one or two generations.
I did not want to be the one that interrupts the imprint of all these generations. It is a great pleasure to have been able to complete this project with the help and support of many friends and family members.

Located in the east of Lyon towards Roanne Clermont-Ferrand coast has long been ignored by the two major cities.
Today, with the opening of the motorway Lyon-Clermont and consolidation of Auvergne and Rhône-Alpes, our region is at the center of an axis of easy access between the two capitals.
1h20 from Lyon and an hour from Clermont-Ferrand, the Roannais coast becomes a discovery area that showcases all its healing potential in nature and in the midst of a magnificent architectural heritage.