The health crisis linked to covid-19 will leave its mark and profoundly change our habits.
At Relais St Jacques, health security is of course optimum and the level of requirement is the priority.
This crisis is nevertheless the time to reflect and reposition.
Indeed, when welcoming our visitors, we must offer them
comfort, sanitary security and the quality of the stay at their maximum.
These habits have always been present at Relais St Jacques. However, it is normal and important to reaffirm them in these times of health crisis.
Each tenant will find on arrival a clean, disinfected accommodation and hygiene equipment.
The cleaning and disinfection will have been done carefully in each room and throughout the house.
For our Bed and Breakfast , cleaning is done after each departure: Change of bedding, change of bathroom linen, disinfection of each room, cleaning of all equipment, cleaning of floors and horizontal plans. All surfaces of furniture, objects and the handles of doors and windows are disinfected.

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